GIZMO: Love Them Humans


This movie is a collection of stories starring people obsessed by a dream.

With their strong will and shear endurance they strive to change their world by being inventive.

Creating an invention does not mean necessarily the development of a new device or mechanical contraption.

Many wish to reshape the human body, overcome the elements and push beyond ordinary physical limitations.

Man's muscles became part of his own highly efficient machine.

In each of the following stories, there is a individual willing to challenge new frontiers.

Through courage and creativity, they put dreams to the test.

Simply by being inventive, everyman has the chance to move the world.


El Venado Gana el Hardrock 100

Scott Jurek is El Venado


All One! All One! For We're All One Or None!

Thank you Dr. Bronner...


Tourism is sin, and travel on foot virtue.

Tourism is sin, and travel on foot virtue.

--Werner Herzog