Time Traveling Chimpanzee Mondo Monkey a.k.a. El Mono

I am known as Mondo Monkey. I travel through time... It is a bad habit I picked up on my journey, and it is something that I will never give up. I like it here in the early 21st century. I come back often. Words still seem useful, and humans are still around...

I've always liked humans, mostly because I see myself in them, and they know how to laugh, and laughter is very useful for travelers. Hell, they are a real fine bunch. I'll always support'em, even after they become obsolete. Someone's gotta, and I am that someone. I have a lot that I want to say about them and their condition, but that will come later.

This web page is where you will hear the stories that I have accumulated over the past several thousand years (I think it is close to six thousand, but as you will learn later, it is all relative). Luckily, I have only aged about 9 weeks since my 33 birthday, and that was over 5000 years ago! However, I do feel very old and at times take breaks from my happy-go-lucky tours through time. Experience can be a burden, the Buddhists got that right.

There are many things that are different for us time travelers. It's not for everyone, even if you are given a choice. Recently, I've heard rumors that a large number of the original travelers have grown so tired of traveling, they have stopped altogether and purposely lost their memories. I can understand.

My situation is a bit different: I took a vow. Yep, I promised to never stop traveling no matter what happens to me. I did one of those "I'll-keep-traveling-until-every-known-sentient-being-has-come-to-know-about-traveling" things. Hey, it was the only way I could get access. I used to believe that it was an achievable goal, but have come to learn that it is really not possible, and I am ok with that now. It took a while to get used to though.

I will write more as time permits. I have much to tell and way too much time to tell it.

Best Regards, Mondo Monkey, a.k.a. El Mono